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Tom Choi is a versatile actor, voice over artist, and model with a diverse range of talents. With extensive experience in television, film, commercials, video games, and print modeling, Tom has made his mark in the entertainment industry.


Tom Choi has appeared in numerous television projects, including a notable role in the hit series “Teen Wolf” for three seasons. He has also showcased his acting skills in the popular show “Designated Survivor,” captivating audiences with his performances.

Voice Over

One of Tom’s standout achievements is his contribution to the iconic Mortal Kombat game series. He is the voice of Liu Kang, a beloved character in the franchise. Tom’s talent and dedication have brought this character to life, making him a fan favorite.


In addition to his acting and voice over work, Tom Choi has also made a name for himself in the world of print modeling. His striking looks and charismatic presence have graced numerous campaigns and advertisements, showcasing his versatility as a model.

Experience and Talent

With his extensive experience and undeniable talent, Tom Choi continues to impress audiences and industry professionals alike. His ability to bring characters to life, whether on screen or through his voice, is a testament to his dedication and passion for his craft.

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